mercredi 29 octobre 2008

# 6 vendredi 21/11/2008


LA SERRE # 6 DJ set
VENDREDI 21 Novembre 2008/ 20h30
Docteur Lamort (Londres)
Alto Clark / & guests....
ESADSE/ 15, Rue Henri Gonnard / Saint Étienne.

Alto Clark

Docteur Lamort

"One nite, around 1am, as I was frantically tearing down walls with power tools, breathing a deadly mixture of cigarette smoke and concrete/Isover dust, I stopped and looked around; all the other workers were going at it, sorta hypnotized by the 140bpm beat of the power tools, and the radio, actually the 3 radios they had up on the scaffholding, were all playin Barry Manilow's "Copacabana" at full volume, its distorted sing-along vocals bouncing against the walls of the whole estate.

I thought "wow, those poor bastards could really BE the new avant-garde of electronic music, with their pionnering mix of power tools dynamics and punishing mainstream radio mayhem". Later we all took a break and stole some sodas from the machine in the break room (it's easy you just stick yr arm into the hole, punch the lid up and grab what you can), and as we exchanged thoughts on various high-end topics (think last nite at the local disco and the latest transfers in italian football clubs) I pondered "Damn I hate these fucks" and realized my evening-long dream of championning my coworkers as live electronics virtuosos would never come to pass, mostly due to artistic and personal differences and pretty much a Love/Hate relationship (mostly hate I dare say).

Anyway, the next day was off, and as I grabbed my portable tape-player/radio and plugged into my effect rig, I knew it was gonna be fun.

Started recording 2001 in France after computers broke my heart
relocated to Japan 2004 played Kyoto and Osaka.

then rerelocated to London 2006 been sucking eggs since "